Our Philosophy

GardensWe envision Genesis Analgesia Center, PLLC as a unique facility in the Knoxville area. Pain, as we know, affects also aspects of life. To effectively relieve pain and suffering requires a caring multidisciplinary approach.

Our specialization includes interventional pain management plus an emphasis on medical, nonnarcotic, medication management. We believe in the value of complementary therapies such as massage therapy, physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and other mind-body wellness approaches.

We diagnose and design treatment plans that are individualized. Successful outcomes require the active participation of both the patient in the medical staff. We listen to our patients, discuss what our goals are and then we decide together the best path to achieve them.

We are strong proponents of quality, evidence-based medicine. This allows us to draw on the experiences and results of our peers. Unfortunately, there are severe limitations due to many poorly designed studies and an unwillingness to appreciate the importance of non-quantifiable nature of the human spirit.

Despite the fact that one person dies every 19 minutes in the United States due to prescription narcotic overdose, pill mills abound in Tennessee. Genesis Analgesia Center is not registered with the state of Tennessee as a pain management center. Tennessee defines pain management centers as a practice where 51% of patients are prescribed greater than 90 day supply of narcotics. This is the antithesis of our philosophy.

Dr. Newman’s preference and the choice that he has made in his career, is to focus on a lower volume, more personal practice model. We are combining this with an office-based procedure suite to provide quality, convenience, and a tremendous cost savings for our patients compared to hospital or surgery center based practice.