Brandye Hancock

Medical Administrative Specialist

Brandye HancockBrandye was born in Knoxville, TN. She went to Doyle High, as well as South College where she studied Business Administration. She is married with 3 children and loves her family time. She enjoys the outdoors, camping, hiking, riding bicycles, water/snow skiing, swimming and the occasional fishing trip on the boat. Her friends would describe her as easy going, a good listener, a keeper of useless knowledge, and someone who loves to make you laugh. She also loves Tennessee football and her blood runs orange.

She enjoys reading, especially the good book and tries to apply the words into action. She enjoys the ups & downs of her life, especially after she has gone through them, because she can see the strength she received. She enjoys a good vacation with friends and family. She has been to the Philippines, Alaska and Key West. So far, Key West is her favorite. She usually has a smile on her face and skip in her step and is a true joy to be around.